Dota 2

Dota 6.69 version already released… was expecting pheonix to be out but who noes it become a quest boss… zzz.. damn it… new loadscreen by kunkka at deviantart.. CM love so evil…. and potm .. where is the priestess? why only got the white tiger? sad…

Next year Dota 2 is coming out… also develop by icefrog.. If i never read wrong dota 2 gonna take over dota… maybe dun nid wc3 anymore? haha… who noes.. dun nid pay can liao… 4 heroes from dota 2 pictures are released..

Lina looks ugly… zz..

Drow look okok nia..

Bloodseeker look fierce and evil… the current dota version, it look more like a fox and sheep combined..

Morphing.. ok this one zai… morphing gt eye and fist xD nice.. e chioest heroes over here… haha…


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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