Maybe nobody will actually noe that i have created this blog yea… but yea… this gonna be my block… the mizuki-hinata.blogspot.com.. old liao lahs.. time for  a change… since blogger had such a bad image uploading tools.. haha…

Read up one of my friend’s friend’s de blog.. and is lyk omg… he actually went to japan… waoo…. e goods he bought back was incredible.. haha.. going to service my com tmr… but yea… jus to make my com better… haha.. oh ya gonna get this for my bday xD.. it cost around 140 singdollars.. but yea… gonna buy it!!!

Follow on by nana clip 5.. so gonna save up for it… haha.. the cover for the clip not out yet.. so gonna wait for it to release and gonna post it over here.. cool… o0 i came over this video… Shichigatsu Nanoka by nana sama ^^ hehe

shall upload the pictures on those goods i bought online xD cya


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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