excuse me… my blog is not dead!!!! haha… although one month never post anything here… so not gonna summarise anything but those major stuff bah haha…
ok 1st of all will be during YOG break i went to genting with gene,jia ling,bel,veron and zy… it was fun yea..
Follow on by my tests had finished woot xD
Den something happen to jon… zz.. everyone scare he diagnose with nose cancer but heng… is only dmg to his nose nia… haha… god bless…
Went to jb with isabel.. bought mooncake back.. bought alot chewing gums, and bubble gums back.. anyone wans?
Bought 3 stuff online.. one is k-on insert song cd den hitman reborn monster tamer hibarin and k-on 10sets figurings… aww.. must save up liao… zzz..
Last but not least gonna so look forward to class gathering and also w35j gathering.. and also 10/10… e most important day.. dun ask me why… haha…

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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