Recently i am so damn tired… gt fyp gt test gt problem here and dere… need to help my cousin with her imigration stuff also…

tink of fyp really headache sia…. anyway happy belated 20th birthday jialing…. haha ps lehs cant celebrate for u on tym…

spend my anniversary at pizza hut.. had the new cheese pizza thing…

my slippers spoilt man!!! damn it.. run across the road and my slippers spoilt nid buy new one.. kns fucking drag my feet to cwp to buy a new slippers!! >.



ohya dun go eat this new quartor pounder thing.. waste money nia… it taste exactly at cheese burger… is jus an expensive cheese burger nia.. haha

There is a new burger out in singapore name texus chicken in mac… worth trying.. the price is only 2.50!!! you can only find it at amk area de mac.. and lucky plaza… is nice.. but spicy T_T

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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