happy new year and warning



Guess wad !! i count down 2010 on the bus 963 on the way to vivo with bel and jon.. cause exceed the tyming liao so bo pian we count down in the bus and shake hand with each other and sae happy new year!!! so we actually took picture!!! wth

We reach habour front inter around 1210am!!! den we went to the hawker and have our “new year feast” which is black fried carrot cake!!! wth lahs


Wake up early in the morning to meet bel,veron and jon to go JB. So i was late when meeting jon, and he was lyk very pissed off cos i always late.. haha pspsps no more next tym le !!! den went to panjang to meet veron and bel!! and frm there we went off to JB by boarding 170!!! so we reached JB around 1030am in the moring.. before we went to city square, this veron force us to take pic infront of the JB custom!!! tsk.. but nvm at least gt my face in the photos xD

So everyone was lyk so damn hungry so we went to city square de inner city and dine at wong kok! so this veron keep complaining abt never take pic. so i lend her my phone to take photos lors. so ya after our breakfast no more photos taken liao wtf!!!

After breakfast, we went around and shop for our stuffs. and guess wad jon never manage the stuff he wan cos is either the shirt too small or the shoe too small. so he was lyk complaining why JB ppl so skinny one… not enough nutrients is it. so i was lyk den why my one of my cousin not skinny one lehs!!! SHE TOO MUCH NUTIRENTS I TINK MUAHHAA!!!

I manage to get a bag and two shirts. one for me and the other for my brother. den bel and veron bought the stuff dey wan lors. so after dat we went to watch movie. so i was lyk forcing bel and veron to watch Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus cos singapore still taking their own sweet tym to have this movie up on the screen. so ya i sponsor them 5 dollars each. den nvm guess wad!!! DAT MOVIE SUCKS TO THE CORE TOTALLY!!! FUCKING BORING AND I FALL ASLEEP LYK 3 TO 4 TYMS!!! THE FUCKING TRAILER TRICK US!!! TSK TSK TSK!! THE TRAILER SEEM SO NICE BUT THE MOVIE IS LYK WTF!!!

ok we have our dinner + lunch at vivo. Bel and veron share one chicken chop rice with one mushroom soup and two garlic bread. both jon n me eat baked rice + mushroom soup + two garlic bread each. we order extra one salad and one plate of mix onion rings and calamari rings.
After dat we went off to the custom le lors. and home sweet home. everyone was lyk so tired.. especially veron!! she excited till last nite she cant sleep.

Tired tired tired monday start sch liao and i forget to get yz present agn!!! i keep remind myself when i was at city square!!! tsk tsk tsk!!! i busy shop my stuff den forget his!!! tsk tsk so pai seh lahs.

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