Horizon Food Mall closes unexpectedly at Causeway Point

SINGAPORE: Stall owners at Horizon Food Mall at Causeway Point shopping centre were shocked when they were informed on Saturday morning that the food court would be closed.
Hungry shoppers who were hoping to recharge at Causeway Point’s Horizon Food Mall turned up to find the shutters down. Even tenants of the food court were equally puzzled by the closure.
One of them, Steven Ong, said: “The boss suddenly called up in the morning to say that the food court will stop operations from today onwards. But all my things have already been prepared and workers have already started working.

“Today, I lost about S$1,500 to S$2,000. The food that’s wasted is about S$1,500.”
This sudden turn of events happened just a day before the stall owners were due to receive one of their regular payments from the food court operator.
“We get our paychecks on the 20th and the 5th every month. He takes all our daily sales and pays us half on the 5th and another half on the 20th. After deducting the rent, cleaning or other miscellaneous (fees), we get the remainder back,” said Mr Ong.
Stall owners said they tried contacting the food court operator but their attempts were unsuccessful. The food court manager told them he was unable to clarify the situation, and said he was just told to cease operations.

A spokesperson from Causeway Point said the closure is due to some unresolved issues between the food court operator and its cleaning service provider.
He added that the mall management has given Horizon Food Mall contact details of alternative cleaning contractors.
— CNA/so


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