recently many things happen in one shot and i really dun noe where to begin with. I tink the problem is do i even noe where the problem lies or not nvm lets skip abt the thingy abt problems yea…
i suddenly lyk gt the feel lyk blogging out my very 1st day in my 4 classes in RP!
Year 2008 Semester 1 – W35J
Yea , i enter the class and i was so terrified dat ppl are actually smoking!!! and i have a fucked up team that tym. i tink i was too childish dat tym to tink this way yea !!! and i dun lyk my 1st day at all in W35J. but slowly yea i lyk my class but not that much.

Year 2008/2009 Semester 2 – W46B
yea, a very fucked up class with alot fuckers!! TMD fake. nabei machiam bring mask to school everyday. 1st day kena funny team till i bwg.

Year 2009 Semester 1 – W64P
ok this one really i gt damn many things to sae cos i already lyk start giving comments abt my classmates behind their back already! damn funny. the very 1st thing i step into class i saw my team, i was lyk wth why dey so quiet one. den when during introducing, i heard this!!! “HI I M CINDY!” i was lyk wah so friendly. den gt one particular one, 1st impression of him already very bad, ya his name was lyk DOTS!!! i was lyk he can compare his name with one of the mobile service provider name in malaysia liao lors!!!

ok den this guy which i have damn many comments over the 1st few week of school. he came in and take down his ear piece and sae ” ER I AM ASHLEY!!! MAY I NOE WAD TEAM I IN?” i was lyk back facing him, and i heard very clearly dat ashley is a guy!!! i though was a girl! WTF!!! ok den i saw his attire i straight complain to jonathan dat why my class gt one guy where till lyk bazhang! if he gt good shape den sua lahs i bwg but it was lyk WTF!!! ya and very funny is dat now he become my gan ge. wth..
den i saw yz, i straight though he 20 + reaching 30! den i saw one look lyk ang moh one walk into the class, i was lyk lol going for fashion show mehs.. wear till so nice come.. ya i didn’t noe dat was her way of dressing dat tym.
Year 2009/2010 Semester 2 – W65H/W64P
ok this is lame. i totally no comments abt this new fucking arrangement by RP. Cos is totally unfair. ok fine den i was lyk oh great i dun nid depend on anyone liao, no friends den sua, at least i still gt PLASTICS!!! ya and two most important person in my life. not gonna mention who but ya u noe who lahs. hais… THIS SEM IS VERY CMI!!! TSK!!!

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