i m back

yes finally i m back frm chalet with plastics and i now having a serious headache man!!! wtf .. thx to my Ge kiangness i become fucky drunk!!! and vomit vomit vomit and having serious headache and dizzyness!!! i lyk drink nearly half bottle of a vodka. wtf… and jessie and i were lyk becoming siao in the chalet.. ok this will be a secret between the plastics. muahaha.

everyone were present except pei qi so kinda sad. we have BBQ both wed and thursday. yea at nite we play poker version of old maid.. woot… i did not manage to get all the pictures on hand yet cos most of it is with kifer, ash and denise. kifer and denise had those very damn 1st class valuable pictures!!! WTF!!!

we celebrate jessie very advance birthday cos i scare i cant make it to celebrate her birthday on tym or belated. October is actually a very busy month for me.. hais…hahax.. this chalet can count as a happy one and a emotional one and a bonding one.. hahax… but i lyk this 3d 2n chalet i enjoy it although i m now suffering frm hangover!!!!


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