whether we are fated to something
depends on destiny yea 😀
and yea gaps are appearing over somethings till i really bwg lahs
is not dat i lose hope or wad
is dat i given up
and yea i gt a job for 8/hours in IT company this coming wed!!!
so happy lahs but only for one day! one day oso good hack care lahs gt job work! dun complain this and dat since one day nia!
my holidays are coming to an end soon and i m going to face new classmates once agn!
and e boring part is dat nid to self introduce once agn and is very damn bored abt it.
reason being i have been doing dat for lyk 3tyms and next gonna be my 4th tyms
finally i completed my pp and i m on a mahjongathon recently and yea i have been losing as usual

so no complains muahahah i always tell myself dat not everyday sunday!

is negative abit is dat i m fated to lose but i believe dat i can create my own destiny!!!

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