actually i have been tinking for quite awhile where do i actually belong to?the cheapo type or the normal type?i tink i belong to the cheapo type cos i have no money and go for cheapo stuff.i tink this is my character bah. i dun even have money to buy branded stuff or wad. i cant even afford a normal billabong wallet which i eye on for years. how i envy my friends having guess wallet,ax belt, levis jean, e chicken brand bag(i dun noe wad is the name for it),billabong bag, billabong pants, river island shirt, man….. bag i dun noe how to spell,NUM lehs, NOTHING!the thing i actually proud abt is my billabong slippers! i really love it alot although it is jus 20+ but i really love it.i cherish it.
even zinc bag i oso nid to go malaysia and buy fake oso fake one. even giordano shirt oso nid to wait till 2 for 20 den buy. seriously where do i belong to? the normal type or the poor type or the cheapo type? i tink e cheapo type.e very cheapo!how i wish santa claus ask me now wad actually i wan! i will sae one billabong wallet!hais.forget jus my dream.let me dream on hahax=)

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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