this post have been in my draft for one whole week.i jus dun feel lyk posting it out as i feel that this is my personal feelings.REALLY PERSONAL!but i still decided to post it out.wad the point of having a draft in ur blog?since i blog abt it why not post it.this is wad i though.but this most is totally no offense to any one out dere.
this few days i tink through that actually i have turn into another person who i myself cant recognise.i m really tired and feel lyk sleeping for eternally! i really feel lyk giving up on who i m rite now.seriously,i feel lyk giving up most of the things around me. but i jus cant do so. my person wan me to give up but not my heart. heart is the thing dat counts. u are the one i care for but i really tired.
i am really tired.i try my best in everything and not everything went rite.i jus wanna lie down on my bed and close my eyes and never wake up ever agn. jus let me go silently. i m really tired for everything. i try and try but in the end everything jus start without me noticing it.maybe i m really too tired till things jus happen.

i gt a feeling that i am standing at the edge of the mountain.anytym i will jus drop.when my limit reaches and exceed,my days become limited. i wanna rest mentally.hais.and finally the day come for me to relax which is yesterday. i manage to spend the day happily. i m happy and relax but still dere is still much more thing in my heart.i really nid some mentally rest if not one day i will really go crazy.

and this person make my day,her name is jessie my new classmate.she really can make me laugh for whole day man!see this pic is wad i draw abt her!she this plastic chicken keep calling me plastic pig and plastic boy!hahax this plastic chicken!and of course u are the best in my heart as always not jessie!


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