peers!? chalet

it have been one week dat my grp chalet is over. miss e tym hanging out with dem alot. can really laugh lyk mad at the same tym really relieve alot stress. i dun noe why hanging out with dem really make me feel really relieve. is not with other friends wont, maybe is because dat we know each other longer and better? last tuesday was my grp chalet and i did not went with them to buy food because i nid to settle some stuff at hm so i meet dem straight at dere.i reach pasir ris chalet around 5+ going 6 cos jia ling dey all already watching the 5:30 channel 8 show!

when i was dere, it was raining and gene,zy and jin long were starting the fire.but gene had been emoing around i wonder why. tink he too tired cos the previous night he stay online till 3+ den morning 12 nid to meet e rest liao. den e rest was waiting for the fire to get started but who noe we drag till 8+ den our fire den start. this zy and jin long cant even start fire man, but thx to the uncle next door,he help us with the fire. so we manage to start the fire lahs. After the fire started, all w do is eat and eat and eat nothing else. e sambal stingray and sotong and the balacan crabstick were nice man!the stingray and sotong were not that hot but the crabstick really make my day!it so damn hot.jia ling,veron,me and eugene ate it and all run to have water immediatly,it so fucking spicy man! we took around 5min to stop e spicy feeling. yea one thing heng i borrow fish de speaker dere to play music if not really sian man. thx fish for that speaker.

at night, i was left alone outside to bbq that chicken wings.cos e girls went to bath cos dey full liao den guys stay in to play mahjong. so i dun wan to waste e food so i bbq it but hu noe drag till morning still no one eat.den agnes came and help me with the cleaning and bbq after dat cos she never went to bath. at night, we were playing some games dat had punishment lahs. so punishment will be drinking alcohol. we have vodka and rum.i tink rum is spell lyk dat. volka mix with coke or sasi or green tea den rum with HL milk. so i was spamming myself with those cos i keep kena.damn swey. den when was bel turn to refill the cup, den zy kena the thing den bel immediatly put the vodka more den half cup and add coke.she really hate zy sia.she sae she wan revenge! so zy bo pian nid to drink. he drink one cup he drunk liao.hahax. so we were fooling around and dancing singing sleeping watching tv and listen to songs.

candy and bel did not sleep throughout the night and were playing with my fuck lahs i cant wireless dere.why sia. so went hm early in the morning after i wake up at 8.den was kinda guilty dat i leave so early but so sorry i was really tired to my limit. so i went hm.most sad one is bel,she still nid to go for sports activity till 6pm despite she never even get any sad.

really this was really a wonderful tym getting together lyk the days in secondary school!SO NICE!

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