movie marathon

yesterday and today was lyk movie marathon day as i have been watching 3 movies in jus two days. heng is 6 bucks if not i will go bankcrupt while i going to be one soon. now jonathan have a blog, i tink e whole world should noe by now as everyone found it on my blog. JONATHAN BETTER THX ME OR CREDIT ME!!!! den here is the three movie i watch. dragonball evolution,street fighter legend of chun li and coming soon.let me start abt my opinion on those movies.
Dragonball evolution

it was lyk a total disgrace to show out in the cinemas.i maybe tio shoot for saeing this but this is my opinion.if not happy den dun see.1stly is so wrong. goku and picolo is aliance in the past? gui xian ren dun look pervert. goku no tails. bu ma gt gun. qiqi lyk useless. yum cha is theif. den picolo gt this lady beside him which is totally useless.den their fight was so ridiculous.goku gt no such powerful strength den in the end can release such powerful strength. den picolo uses kameha thingy is lyk nonsense. ah forget it i waste my money on it.
street fighter legend of chun li

i feel dat is a great show but jonathan expect too much frm dat movie. he though gt hadoken all this while dere is nothing.but gt twice lyk dat lahs. but the fighting sence wah fucking nice!!!should catch this instead of the dragonball. anyway edmund chen the mediacorp artist act as chun li father.hahax.chun li damn chio lahs especially when she fight but jus one thing missing. where is her kikou shou?but overall is great movie
coming soon

this bloody hell movie scare the shit out of me. i was covering my eyes all e way but still get shock. fish was dere ka jiaoing me and i chua tio many tyms.kns. but the story was lame cos dere was no solution to it. but overall is abt this movie trying to kill ppl cos the female lead die after fliming.

i change my blog song to the dragonball evolution theme song by ayumi

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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