IT fair

today went to IT fair and was raining fucking heavy and it was lyk zues not happy trying to wrath everyone.ok not funny. den when i reach city hall,it was damn fucking crowded and squeezy. i was trying to squeeze a way out den i manage to reach marina square within 15 to 20 mins.

reach marina square and was trying to walk to suntec to support veron they all in the end never. was kinda swey day,1st raining den keep taking the wrong bus.ok went to serangoon de chomp chomp and eat. the drink was a great deal cause 2 dollars and it was so damn big.ok when going hm, we board the wrong way agn and went to tpy dere and something happen along the way and everyone was not so happy with it except me n jon. so bo pian trying to cheer everyone up i take ice water to cool dem down but in the end still no use.reason is i dun noe how to chear ppl up.damn sad. ok went to sun tec meet veron,bel and vivian. den i saw nelson dere too kinda shock. ok 1stly saeing dat we go see the merlion tio hit in the end go see stick man playing musical instrument. den went hm. my hair was damn itchy lahs keep scratching my head till vivian and veron scare of me.hais.

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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