jonathan birthday

yoyo i m back frm chalet since yesterday and jonathan have been staying over at my hse since yesterday.ok the chalet was a erm erm erm.not a good idea indeed thx to someone and we end up with chalet this idea.if not we will not be spending so much in this chalet.the someone i refering to i tink those who are involve in the matter of fighting at someone hse should noe. abt the why must he go with u all. if the incidence did not start, we will not be spending so much money.
ok i have been spending more den 200 bucks for this chalet and birthday thingy and is lyk cost me so much lahs. ok jonathan birthday was hold in the chalet and by right should have two more person over dere.but in the end never.hais kinda sad.ok let me see who went to the fish,wei lie, skip, me ,jonathan, mei ling,isabel ng, prisicilia,shi ying and meryl. hahax. den we started BBQ on the second day and went hm on the third day.hais..damn sad lahs,dat friday was friday the 13th. damn swey…no wonder gt things happen.

then yesterday when we were on the way hm, jonathan n i went to isabel hse and take a sit. den i saw one stupid msg till i really cannot tahan but i never voice out.hahax. this should cal anger management.muahaha.

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