jonathan birthday 1st celebration

today went out with fish and went to RP to do some enquires and went to cwp to buy jonathan birthday present lahs!it cost me alot!!!I M BROKE MAN!! den after dat rush hm and went to wm and watch role models with jonathan den meet veron,bel and stacey at imm. was rushing the whole day sia. actually planning to ask gene come along too.but since dey haven even met each other before den celebrate birthday is kinda weird so next tym den ask gene out. sorry arhx gene if u see this,i dun mean to. and of course i wan both my brothers to meet each other so sure gt one tym i ask u out one gene!!!to meet my good brother!ok den we went to e 港湾 dere eat. and buzy talking den we sing happy birthday song for jonathan! he was so happy lahs. the last long lost feelings has come back. he was so content with just friends and cake and birthday song! cute sia.hahax. i help jonathan sae thx to veron,bel,vivian and stacey!!!

ok walk around imm den meet vivian at daiso.walk around agn den take pictures. vivian suggested it. den go eat mac ice cream. ok this veron damn auntie keep pestering jonathan to buy the 2dollar ice cream frm hokkaido ice cream shop. while jonathan dun feel lyk buying at that moment. veron arhx,if u wan next tym i treat u eat lahs. PROVIDED U SEE THIS POST AND ASK FOR IT IN MSN AND IF I HAVE MONEY AT THAT MOMENT! walk back to jurong east mrt station and went hm as usual. tmr gonna prepare for thursday stuff le.this week really pack and rush man!!! but i lyk WOOT TYM PASSES FASS!!!


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