cb sia

today my results are out!!!here is my result!!!hahax i get 2.70 sia!!!dun noe how i get i though i around 2.6 nia..ok abit sarcastic.

ok today i was so sick till i did not go for work.keep entering the toilet till i can even play one proper dota!ok forget it.

ok here is the thing i wan to highlight today!!!today when my brother came back frm school, i heard this thing n i m bloody unhappy abt it. ok he was frm bukit batok secondary school, n this school keep asking everyone for donation! 1stly why dere is such donation? and SECONDLY!!!DONATION IS DEPEND ON HOW MUCH WE WAN TO DONATE AND DERE SHOULD BE NO LIMITATION!!! this funny school asking for my family dat minimum donation must be fucking 12dollars!!! ok this is wad my brother sae! my teacher sae must donate minimum of 12dollar to e school!!! den my mum reply, didn’t i give u 12dollar last week? my brother reply saeing that must donate agn! i heard it i was so fucking angry!!! i tell my mum, is either i call the school or go down to that school and talk to the person in charge of this donation!!!damn bastard sia. i wan an answer frm the school if not i shall email MOE!!!cb sia where gt limitation for donation? cb sia damn fed up!!!i heard my brother sae the donation are going to be carry on till end of march.every week must donate once..ok fuck damn fed up!!!i wan an answer sia if that teacher of his ask him for donation agn! i will fucking go down to the school and find the principal! and sae WAD KIND OF SCHOOL IS THIS!

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