tmr is e last day of chinese new year is kinda sad but to me is do i care? of course i care!!!this year lesser ang bao and i saw my friends,dey keep saeing they gt 100+ 200+ n blah blah blah,i m so hurt man…but nvm is ok, wan to blame oso blame why my relative at my dad side so little and my mum side de is at malaysia.hais.some ppl will even give 100 bucks or 200bucks in one ang bao.for me,that will never happen though cos i dun think i will be dat lucky to come across such ppl. ok this chinese new year is kinda sad and fed up.hahax.

ok 1st day,i was having phobia over something cos someone wear something i really dun lyk but is over after dat.den one childish person come listen to my entire phone conversation.next bo dai bo ji go scold my dear for not combing hair.and insult me for teaching dear the wrong things. den at my cousin hse, i miss dear so much till i cry.den i requested to go back singapore on the second day den my parents scold me.

second day, i wasn’t talking to anyone cos i dun feel lyk to.i was at malaysia though.den my cousin freaking hell bring his girlfriend along for our family gathering. den still beg me to go out with dem to city square.i dun even wish to go in the end i go for e sake of my clothings.den in the whole hang out,i did not even have the chance to talk to my cousin.cos he was so attach to his gf.den at city square watch underworld rise of the lycan. den bought a new shirt and shoe. went back to my cousin hse and mahjong all e way till i at nite online talk to dear awhile den sleep le.

3rd day should sae is my happy day. cos i was able to see dear once i reach singapore. so in the morning everyone bath to get ready to go back singapore. after dat went to gu gua tang dere eat our breakfast cum lunch.it was nice but in the end we fucking found one worm in our soup!!!!i was lyk fuck i drink it’s leg and hair!!!oh shit…den on the way back,e malaysia causeway was really troublesome,nid to walk here and dere to reach the checkpoint.hais. den reach singapore le,meet dear and watch the wedding game den go fish hse!!!
4th day,nothing particular jus hang out with friends..
8th day,went to find work n was a sian one

13th day which was yesterday.my relative came over and my mum was making a fool of me by telling me off for wadever shit.abit she tell me off.den went to my cousin hse,we have a so call pub,my cousins and i were drinking alcohol!!!jolly shandy,tiger beer,choya and volka!!!and the adults dun even care!!!hahax.den my nephew was playing with his so call drum..hahax..cos he lyk lion dance so much.den we were doing the yu sheng thing and celebrate my uncle birthday!!!den dey ask my uncle to pick 4d number for them.went hm and quarrel with my mum and ran out of hm..hais…forget abt this.

14th day,which is today,went out with dear to vivo to choose the working attire and some clothes. in the morning i did not even speak a single word to my mum.hais.
ok tmr i gonna work liao..wish me luck=)


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