hey yo ladies and gentleman!!!all my readers welcome to my blog!!!ok i being lame here ok..cos i am always lame! muahaha!!!! not funny =.= ok yesterday nite which is earlier on i happen to think agn abt this stupid thing that i encounter.is not really stupid though but is totally ridiculous! can u imagine someone listen to ur entire phone conversation without ur permission? listen as in i am using this phone to talk to my friend and he/she listen secretly on the other phone.wah at that tym when i found out that someone was listening to my phone convo with my friend, i was totally fuck up man!!! i was to sae in the convo that who ever is listening pls fuck off frm the phone u are holding onto rite now.

is lyk very ridiculous.totally ridiculous lahs.hais.no hope.anyway shall i sae the person who listen my conversation, is either he or she dumb or he or she dun understand the meaning of privacy? every single one has their own privacy man! ok now my best friend do not even wish to talk to his mum for this.cos he was fuck up abt he is not being respected by his mum.no privacy at all. anyway i noe i m really sorry for saeing this but is a fact k.is she even blur till wanna listen to other ppl phone conversation but till the convo end le still dun wan hang the phone and let the son catch! wtf. ok blur is a very kind word for me to use.is very wrong to sae ppl mother so i better shut up for now.

i nid a survey frm my dear readers!!!can u guys tell me how u guys feel when ur mum listen to ur entire convo with ur friend or girlfriend or boyfriend? listen as in u are using this phone and she listen secretly on the other phone. how do you all feel? jus nid a survey for this i wanna noe is it correct for me to react this way…pls tag at my tagboard on how u feel..your answer will be appreaciated..pspsps for the trouble…

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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