hais come back to my blog agn and feeling very bored at this moment! all the things i need to do had been done lyk dinner dota i m now scratching my fucking itchy back cos it was so fucking itchy! but there is wad i call it consequences of me going sun tan for no reasons! i tink my body cant adapt to the sun tanning thing! jus dun noe why maybe cause my skin too sensitive?

ok let me count how many days to cny..erm 6 more days..this year cny i not so looking forward to it.reasons?i not sure either.should sae that this cny i wont be having any fun. so poor how to be happy during cny? because of that economic crisis lahs damn it!
lyk dun noe how many days before i read one aritcle on this teacher scold one of the class in the school dat they bring down the school reputation.cos of they score the lowest in the whole school and brought down the reputation den this teach go post in his blog scolding the class and it was found out and shown in newspaper .i cant manage to found it online maybe is private or not a big articles so i cant found it on the net.if any of my readers found it in the net,can give me the link? den i can post it out on my blog =) thx in advance

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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