today went to school halfway and come out to empty classroom now and buzy blogging rite here.ok yesterday before i went to sleep i do some reflection on myself and manage to found out that hu is the person hu really treat me good while e rest jus using me.i found out and decided not to go out with dem lyk no point wad for going out with someone hu make use of u? when dey nid you den dey ask u out.i dun nid this kind of friends. i dun noe those ppl noe abt that they actually are using me as their form of entertainment,but is lyk so CRUEL!!!i not fed up or hurt abt it but is lyk cruel and rude. those ppl who treat me good,i noe. although sometym suan suan abit is ok,but at least u all never use me as a form of entertainment.if u no one to go out with den ask me go,is kinda rude.

those ppl confirm not in my blacklist will be my close friends man! u all should noe hu u are. peers!? confirm not in.and also my three besties in rp.erm wadever it is,life is wonderful for me to carry on! CHEERS!

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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