wassup man! now i have notice dat actually my blog is quite popular around human beings.Is good that i never call some of them beast which i really wan to.muahaha.ok.i receive some complains frm one so call human that i shall stop blogging something which i not suppose to. But let me make myself clear, VERY CLEAR! this is my blog n i lyk to blog wadever i wan.no one have any rights to stop me frm blogging anything. and pls did i even mention of starting a blog fight? pls stop being so bhb. hu wanna start a blog fight with person lyk u? oh dear come on and grow up. lyk i sae, u have a blog too, u can blog wadever u lyk, as if i care wad u wrote all ur blog. who e hell will go care abt it? me? oh pls i m such a buzy man hu have trustworthy friends not lyk u. i dun backstab others when it is not true. i speak the truth! wad u did, although u are not aware but pls u better step away frm e mirror to see the damage u have done. cos u dun realise ur mistake and try to push every fucking blame to me? oh pls i 不吃这套. oh i forget u are a person hu noe nothing abt chinese and sorry abt that =)

ok back to wad i wanna blog instead of spoiling my blog reputation for some jerk outdere hu come spying on my blog and trying to act hero.ok here is wad i gonna blog for today.

last week i watch this channel 8 show.e sat and sun 4.30pm one!e 一房半厅 一水缸 show. i heard this and i feel that is true. 为了得到某种东西/达到目的,牺牲是难免的。世界就是那么的不公平。hahax. correct? world or life is never fair yea?

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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