i always though that i m e emoest guy already among those ppl i knew.but now i found another person who is much more emo den me. hahax.i always ask myself whether emo is good or not? when i emo, the ppl around me will start to emo too.so should i just be happy always and go hm and emo?siao what am i tinking arhx?

nowadays starting to get around with my classmate although is very late but i dun mind. at least i found out my existance is present!!!happy sia. seriously alot of thing happen this week. 1st is dear cousin went to dear hse and stay and dear cant able to tok to me properly on phone. VERY SAD U NOE!!!! and dear give in to the cousin till dear cant msn with me.den in the end i call,but dear cant tok to me much agn.maximum 3 words. i very hate it.den wed dear online play game till break promise.by saying 10.30 den will tok to me in msn den in the end never and go ahead and play despite me telling him dat i m angry.i damn hate ppl breaking promise and dear did it more then twice!!!i was fucking pissed off and talk to mei ling. around 12 dear call me cos his game end liao.dear tell me that dear is jealous and the more dear sae jealous i more pissed cos i m sleeping.but nvm in the end i still forgive dear. thursday dear tell me dat i can go to dear hse on sunday overnite le cos the cousins all leave le,i was so happy lahs cos i was hoping for it in the end friday,dear tell me dat the cousins leaving on the 9!!!!!9 OF DECEMBER !!!!WTF Y MUST CHOOSE THAT DAY TO LEAVE!!!BASTARD CHILD. I TREAT DEM EAT SUA DA LUM SUA!!!FORCE IT THROUGH THEIR MOUTH!!!fucking pissed sia why must it be 9!!!cant 10 or 8 or 7? y 9? pissed!!! den jus now dear and fish come my hse to play before going bbq.den during bbq isabel ng join us and den leave for west coast awhile den went hm.

not i wanna sae, since ur cousin at ur hse u turn in to another person when u reach hm!u are not urself anymore at hm.


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