nowadays lazy to blog arhx but i still come back for my blogathon!!!!hahax..i do not wish to see my blog being a dead one.So here i go?

last wed was wei lie bro and isabel ng birthday..and we went to sentosa to celebrate their birthday.isabel went off 1st.and dere was raining cats and dog MAN!!skip cant able to tan dere despite buying the banana boat sun tan thingy.den was raining and cloudy.rain stop rain stop.hahax.den went to bath den went to bugis and eat steam till quite full arhx.but not exactly full but never still went back.reach hm and the day was my third aunt last day staying in my hse cos she next day going back to japan le.

sat,went to sentosa agn but this tym is celebrate candy birthday.den alot of pictures were taken.but gt this couple come over to ask veron to take photo with them cos dey were playing the treasure hunt thing.den was playing around and sleeping and tanning and till everyone tio sun burn.i kena e most cos i was half naked over dere.den i kena my back tio burn arhx.

den went to cwp to meet gene and jia ling cos gene his toe nail broke not convienient for him to move went to cwp de pastamania to eat.yea after dat buy bubble tea and went to e place behind woodlands mrt and celebrate candy birthday =)nice

went hm n feel pain everywhere.leg hand face back n front!!!all tio sun burn wth..sian

i heard something n i kinda sad but i m use to it liao 10 yrs liao…muahaha so nvm =)


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