i gt this fucking retard faci name Alex Chan!!!a bloody bias science faci!fuck him.i try my heart to understand the problem and manage to figure out.not even any good comments but give me a bloody comments.

“In spite of the fact that you could do some questions , you should really share more with your teammates.”

i did not share my thoughs with my team mate?forgoodness sake fuck off..i try my very best to figure out with the team mate and discuss with them in the end give me this fucking comment!wad he wan..every single comments he give for me is nothing good.all is bad.wad exactly he wan.i really wan to ask him on the coming monday.wad he really wan.if he gonna sae dat i did not try my best,i will shoot him straight.did he even see my hard work?thx to science my brain is dead but this faci just wont like me..i tink i rather email him rather then talking to him.i m gonna ask him wad is the matter with him.

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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