apologize…hais i apologize to the following person…

mei ling

i was sorry for saeing such harsh word and i didn’t mean it…we were happy together when five of us are together yea?


maybe i was too concern abt u and neglect ur feelings on wad u are facing now..sorry


i was sorry that i cant be a good organizer and cant manage to get everyone to go..really sorry i try my best…really sorry

wei lie

bro,really sorry for wad i have done..lyk giving u a dulan face and walk alone..actually i did not mean it…i walk alone to cool myself down…really sorry for that…if u gt anything to tell me,it will be my pleasure…=)

i m happy happy happy everyday till yesterday night..damn sad…..but in the end is a good ending =)

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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