hais hais tired tired tired!!!eh let me start blogging with these sentences!
i bet wei lie is happy rite now?since he was so zai yi abt the sentence i sae to fabian dat day :”hai shi fabian dui wo zui hao” den he face turn black…wei lie,something is mend to be kept in the heart de, lyk this?i m not blind ok!i gt eyes and heart to feel it.but jus i dun sae it out.u tink i dat kind of person hu is wang er fu yi mehs?i no ok..i noe everything..YOU THE BEST LAHS!!! actually can sae u are one of the best guys i ever met!!!!AND DUN MISTREAT JIE JIE IF NOT I PLUCK EVERY OF UR HAIR OUT! TILL U BECOME BOTAK!hahax..
k sat actually wan to invite fish,bro and fabian come my hse play mahjong de, den something crops up den cant so instead go east coast to play lan.after that went to accompany eat mac. one cheese burger and one drink.k after dat i wont explain much…dun wanna sae..

sun stay at hm n rot…den i prepare for my enterprise ut..is took me alot of tym sia..den my mum start to kp me.hais….

monday went to school,i become a nice guy and talk very friendly but in the end…after school i sae one sentence den tio shoot back so many sentences!!!kinda fed up,but i wont take it to heart. fed up is gt two reasons.
1st one is eh is jie jie birthday lehs,one year only once,cant you go?
2nd one is for shooting me back with all sorts of things angrily.
k went to cwp n eat n went to play dota agn….
oh ya,science faci treat my class pizza for lunch!!yipee

tuesday,early in the morning,something bastard happen and i m not going to tok abt it.that day suppose to be a happy day as is MY DAD BIRTHDAY!!! but hais…k went to school and play through out cos no mood at all..sorry my team mates..wanna apologize but jus cant express it out.dota 6.55 was out and the new heroes are GAY!!!k went hm n eat chicken wings feast!!wth..
today pon school go work under M1 by give out leaflet to offices..den in the end spend two hours den e rest dun noe where to give out le den stay at the staircase to slack..in the morning gene, yan n i dun even noe where the hack is that place…hahax..after dat went to meet fish dey all den went hm after that.

****sometym is i keep quiet but doesn’t mean i dun noe anything!i noe everything dat is happening around me. so dun tink dat i m a silent or sick human/cat! u will never noe,wad excatly i m think..if i really cant tahan,dun blame me for being fierce…although i dun take it to heart but there is a limit yea?

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