tuesday went to watch house bunny with fish and bro at cathay.I kinda though the ticket will be lyk 8 bucks but in the is fucking 10 bucks!and i spend all my money in that ticket!k fine we walk around and fish,bro was taking photo once agn as usual.their usual thing is hug,kiss and take pic.den i was engross in the hsm3 and fish pull me away.so went to 1st floor,jus happen to pass by New urban male and we happen to see skip bro dere!so heng arhx?hahax.so long never see him liao,wah sad,he become thinner.See lahs,tell him not to over work himself,now become lyk dat.eh skip if u manage to see this,AMANDA MISS YOU!!!yea!!!!!ya two np students approach us and ask us to do a survey,i was lyk wth survey agn but hack care i jus do lors.in the end tell me things dat i m totally not interested!after movie we walk frm douby ghaut to little indian wtf.k nvm.i follow although i was kinda tired.but hu cares!hahax.k took some pictures dere n we leave.

wednesday i was being scolded for the whole day.lyk wad i saw frm fish blog.i have a fucked up life,live in a fucked up house and having fucked up person around me.my mum was scolding me for the whole day.sleep oso scold.play oso scold.watch tv oso scold.wad she expect me to do?

thursday,kinda dun wish to go school but i see is communication so i went but hu noes i m doing debate!wtf!dat was my weakest point,i can never quarrel win ppl!k nvm,after school went to eat kfc and went to library and play dota agn.i felt lyk being force to a corner where i cant even breathe!i was struggling for air but no use.den after dat when we jus abt to leave woodlands and go hm, i kinda become lyk dex!dissappear suddenly!hahax.so i dissappear cause i wanna be alone for a moment.i dun wan any interuption.so i went up to the platform without the rest noeing.before dat i was waving to jon kor kor but he didn’t see so hais ps i go up 1st.de n went hm,i was keeping my mouth shut till i sleep.hahax.

today,went to school alone which i wan it to be,cause i am still in the middle of crowd.i m still lost.but k i reach school and bought my breakfast and fish breakfast.but fish dun wan and pass it to wei lie k i am ok with it =) walk to school as usual but trying to keep quiet as long as i can but i jus cant when i saw jon kor kor i jus wanna tok.hais.today in class was kinda a good day,cause i get to mix with everyone in the class.kinda fun.but of course i wont forget my peers!? and w35J and MgL! so dun worry.after school walk to cwp to eat den go play dota agn and fish was damn piss for us not playing diablo.sorry abt that. k went hm emoly and now in front of my laptop.wth rite?
the song when i grow up by pussycat dolls rocks my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i m getting angry easily nowadays.maybe because of my headache?a small little things can make me angry for a few min.really.dun noe why.lyk fish shoot me,i might get angry for a few min but ok in another min!hahax.no offense.

i m trying my best =(

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