sian nowadays i m feeling really fed up for some fucking reasons!sad case.i jus dun noe why,why m i always the one giving into others while other not giving in to me?i make sacrifices is ok but in the end the sacrifices made were useless.hais.i feel lyk i m going crazy any moments.

yesterday was a very boring day when no one is online on msn!i was really bored and wanna find someone to go on through msn instead of smsing them.but hu noes,no one is online!k so fine.i watch digimon online agn!yea it look cool since e last tym i watch it which was lyk 8 yrs ago?hahax.den suddenly wei lie msg me n jio me out,i was lyk so happy but hu noe agn,it was cancel in the end.hais.in the end,oso stay at hm and rot and listen to my mum nonsense as always.k i shut up.

den today i sae something which is lyk so 不孝!den my mum scold me,how can u sae that.then i reply eh i oso dun lyk them in the 1st place!den my mum diam diam diam.heng my dad was not at hm if not i sure kena serious beating.

ohya disaster movie was a funny movie but quite violent in some scene!hahax.hack care but is is only lyk 1 hour 15 min?abit too short yea!

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