so fast one week has pass and is lyk so fast till i cant imagine is a overview wad i did as nowadays i dun blog abt wad i did may sound boring yea?

On monday, i pon school as my stomach was not feeling quite well due to eating too much i scare of mooncake liao.den play games the whole day.and suddenly i started to watch digimon for no reasons.maybe it look nice to me once agn.then went out with isabel,fish n weilie.isabel was having some problems at hm so i went out to accompany her lors.then after that send wei lie home n went to east coast park for a while.isabel drop us at commonwealth.on the way to commonwealth,fish ask me took photos of the singapore flyer thingy then hu noe isabel van keep shaking and i cant get a clear picture of it.

on tuesday,went to school n went to play mahjong with,veron,vivian,zhi yan,jin long and gene.before that gene ask me quite alot of question and i kinda shock when i noe dat.i kinda tell him the reasons,hope he understand.n i keep losing on that day arhx for mahjong.although is not the 1st tym but i will treat that as a lesson cos ya i play big big one sia.oh ya before leaving school we are having alot of fun in mei ling class and W35 toilet!!!

yesterday went to school n i was really tired n du lan.sad.then skip half way after providing slides for my team n i release that my slides is all edited and some taken away.sad.yea went to find fish n wei lie out side w4 library n play dota at there till around 3 plus.we started to watch youtube and in the end get ourself into sad lahs.erm i apologize to the person here, although the person wont even come to my sorry abt it. then after that went to play badminton with gene.wei lie n fish come along too.n i tio trash sad sia…..arhx….den everyone was making fun of me sia…sian..wei lie picture was taken under my block sia..hahax

today we gonna watch disater movie..woot!!!!i saw some unpleasant thing before i meet them at the cantenn.sad

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