Eh i really hate spammers sia or should sae those ppl gt nothing better to do and went to other ppl blog and tag nonsense!let me call the spammers as “flies”.1stly the blog owner did not even invite those “flies” into the blog so maybe u hab no rite to tag nonsense m i rite?

now didi faci this kind of problem sia…those “flies” really gt nothing better to do instead go other ppl blog tag nonsense…hais

yesterday went out agn to woodlands centre should i sae e last tym i went there was lyk 8 to 10 yrs ago?bring back memories.hahax.i will always rmb my education tape was confiscated by the police when i was around primary 1.wth lahs.i bought it frm singapore nd bring it to malaysia to view together with my cousin then come back tio confiscated.nvm since is so long ago liao…hahax.

ya yesterday i was broke…so sad sia…hais…n i found out something that i am quite angry and sad abt.n i shall not blog abt it…


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