far east

yesterday went to w35J with mei ling and went to eat.I eat her leftover food.haha.den walk to woodlands mrt station while gene msg me to go badminton. while i m on my way to far east so i reject it.after that mei ling was talking on the phone frm woodlands to orchard.wth…i alone dere emo sia..so sad..went to far east to see wei lie cut his hair for 42 dollar!!!

i was making a fool of myself by singing “touch my body”,”dont cha” and “bleeding love”.was so funny lahs..when wei lie has the clothes on his head,he look lyk one nun frm the church ar..no offense sia…wei lie u cut hair le still look handsome lahs dun worry…

hahax,went to find bro but he change his shift so didn’t manage to find him den went to take mrt home.when we are going hm,we were met jon kor but we cant manage to board the train as e door close.wth.

arghx..today is science module..fuck sia..my mose hatred module.

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