Teachers’ Day

Today went back to hillgrove sec to celebrate teachers’ day!met gene,yan,candy,agnes den go to school today.When i reach,i saw suliza n nada too:)Den went to the canteen n to the hall for the concert!the concert are getting lousier n lousier year by year!wtf!
went up to 5a2!n saw mei suan still studying!wahaha!kidding ya?den kena chase away by that stupid male teacher!XLK!Xia lan King!ok went to staff room to wait for mrs tan!n daniel came along to kpo oso!See yan sweat!!!look lyk heart sia!hu is he missing?

After dat went to west mall n eat.melvin,lester,wei na,xiu ying n hui ling came along too.Dey plan to watch wall E but i m going to meet bro n fish sis.So went straight down to Woodlands to meet dem!Bro wan to withdraw but in the end,he is unable to withdraw cos he nid the permission frm his programme chair!den he was lyk so sad n angry lahs.so i wan him to feel much better,i went with dem to somerset to collect bro pay!make him happy abit!den dey ask me to stay longer while i cant!nid to attend my aunt funeral arhx!hais.

At night,i manage to reach on tym for the ritual thingy!i dun noe wad is it call.Dey jus wan all her nephew to follow.So i follow lors.Den i stay till lyk 1pm!n i m blogging now!tink my mum dun noe abt this!

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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