She’s gone

She is gone
We miss her so much!

Today morning,when we started the ritual thingy agn!the niece n nephew all follow the same things as we did yesterday!ok den after us is the adults.It was lyk so sad lahs the situation den gt some idiots old lady keep laughing!everyone is crying n dey are dere fucking laughing so happily?knn!

I cried n cried when dey close the coffin thingy n when we follow e van!i jus cant stop crying!everyone is crying over dere!n so we reach the mandai place to burn the coffin thingy.i do not know e exact name for it so ya….

jason n i enter the toilet n we found this interesting thing!There is one small cubicle n a normal one!see the pic!

So we enter the hall n agn,nephew n niece thingy!ok den we went to the viewing room!to view the process lahs.K we reach n it took quite some tym to start.k when it start,it move the coffin to the incenerator arhx?i tink is spell lyk dat.When it moving towards,both my cousin was shouting to their mother: “MUMMY!MUMMY!” Dey keep shouting n crying!At the same tym,when i heard that,i cry more lyk a bastard!e tears come out even faster den before!lyk tap water!when e coffin finally enter the thing.Both my cousin shout with their top voice which is so sharp:“MUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!” i cry worst!hais so we are invited to leave immediatly!hais.

She is gone!

6th aunt rest in peace…..

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