What in this world!!!

What the hell with this world?why is there such ppl lyk my uncle?my aunt was suffering in the hospital now and my mum and the rest of my aunt are trying to help her.N he refuse all the help.This is lyk letting my aunt to die?wth!the doctor is lyk giving up hope on my 6th aunt liao but my mum and the rest of my aunt do not wan to give up.Do wadever to help her,but that stupid husband of hers is refusing to take all in to consideration!and push all the blame to my mum n e rest!wth.Helping their own sister gt wrong mehs?better then e stupid husband are doing so many stupid things….I wonder why my aunt wan to marry this kind of husband in the 1st place?

u all readers i ask u all lahs.If e doctor wanna inject something really serious in to ur wife body!n it can cause her life to be in danger!will u tell ur wife 1st before making decision?My uncle is lyk dun wan to tell her n jus inject that sickening medicine into my aunt body!wtf!

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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