Went to johor yesterday n came back today!ya is nice!!!i spend 70 rm dere!!!just at City Square!!!cool rite?i good at spending in city square especially in Inner City!!!!My favourite place!!!The bags,shirts,shoes,pants and CDs are all my favourite!!!!hahax.ya seldom went in although all my dearest cousins are over dere!

So i reach my cousin hse at 1pm yesterday n proceed to City Square!!!So my aunt went to drive my cousin,jason’s car and my cousins,stella and christina n i started complaining why is it the car lyk so OMG!!!!den no fuel somemore!!!so we went to top up!!!hahax..den went to City Square to have our lunch which is at Secret Receipe!!!i have my brownie with ice cream which is lyk so nice lahs!den of course with mocca chocolate ice blend with cream!hais,jason should have come but so sad he gt school to attend

Next walk around and bought mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha strikerS dvd!!!n oso two games!den we walk around agn!We went to an accessories shop,n i bought 6 band thingy!!!guess hu are those for!bought chewing gum for bro and bubble gum for fish n went to take bus to jusco!I paid 2 rm jus for a dizzy bus ride!hahax

We reach jusco n meet jason n his mum dere.We went to eat at ichiban ramen and i order yaki udon thingy!i forget the name.hais.after dinner,jason n i shop around n tok abt our school lives.we were laughing all day long.Reach my cousin hse at went to bath and play wib my cousins’ dog!so cute lahs i wish i had one too….hahax…..

i was having such a nice dream as a hero till jason’s alarm rang.hais my wonderful went down to the living room and play with the dog agn.10am,jason went to school n so sad we nid to sae bb.hais.See you soon ya?den stella accompany my aunt to bank while christina n i was staying at hm to watch tv n play games.

My aunt n stella came back n we went to jusco to have our lunch!i was lyk so full lahs,i just finish my breakfast one hour before!bo pian go eat lors.Have my lunch as fish n chip and drink mocca loko with cream!hahax.We spend two hours over there and went back home to collect my bag n took taxi down to e checkpoint liao.Sae bb to christina n stella n e dog!!!hais.See u guys soon

At the checkpoint,while i was waiting for bus!There is this old uncle!trying to be superman by jumping around the fence!he think he still young is it?den another uncle,he spit his saliva on the floor n use his shoe to spread that bloody germs around!wtf!!!Hais finally reach hm and rest at 4pm!hais

N i notice now is that “it” is copying my style of uploading pictures!Dun tell me is “it” started it 1st!i blog everyday n every picture of mine has my blog link on it!
Piece of advice to “it” if “it” happen to pass by my blog:dun try to a loser n try to copy wad the others do.

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