Today was lyk a very boring day till i went out wib JING HAO(Alvin) lahs!!!I reach Boon Lay and this auntie ask me to help her call someone!So i was so happy that i can help someone, so i lend her my phone!And she pass me 40cent to thx me,i pass her back the 40cent but she jus ran away!wth!Ya my phone is still wib me dun worry:)

Ya meet JING HAO景豪 at JP!!!I hope i type the correct one!Den he want to have his precious lunch so went to mos burger for it!N u noe wad?he took 15mins to finish his chicken burger!!!Wth!N i finish e fries for him!Next accompany him to arcade n play silent hill!!!!I was lyk dun wan lahs waste money!!!But he pay for it!Thx pal!I met this really rude kid!I return the basketball to him n he did not even sae thx you to him!!!Wad he do is DIAO ME!!!!Wtf?his parents never teach him manners?Comic connection next!!!Alvin bought bleach comic n i think it was jus wasting of money!!!!But he enjoy the comic bahs!!!

Alvin ask me to do him a favour by going to his hse to play bleach for him!!!I was lyk how long i noe him sia?but in the end i still go.His room was totally in a mess!!!!See it for urself!!!But the design i tink!!!quite nice if it was much neater!!!Ya went hm and sleep!!!till now…

Amanda i change the pic already!!!Actually the person i mention is not u arhx!!!Ps

See this pic!!!This is the place i work at for ONE FUCKING DAY!!!Ya i took the scenery of it instead of the company:)

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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