Today is already sunday

and tuesday is my last day in W35J

and i am really very sad abt that

i m not that good in speaking so

i intend to post everything that how i felt here

rather than in the class friendster grp

because some thing really very difficult to show to those hu are not in the post

this is my blog

so i can post wadever i wan to

i tink i nid a box of tissue right now?


We are a very happy class.We share our happy and sad moments together.No matter what we do, is always happy stuff.Especially the entertainment provided by fish.Copy how the others speak.This really make our day!We are a very hardworking class as we have smart guys and ladies in the class.I become more sociable after i enter this class.In the past,i will walk with my head down because i do not have the confidence to face the public.Now i do.Ya of course,i took alot of pictures within this four months!It exceed the amt i normally took.Thx you fish’s phone and her too….

Mei ling

you are the first one agn!happy mahs?hahax.Ya actually you are a very funny and cool person too.And also talkative person.No matter you are speaking to, there will always be a topic.Enjoy talking to you.Previously you ask me why i mention that you are a cool person.Reason is that you are able to dress up cool depending on the situation.I enjoy talking and disturbing you.But actually all the criticism is all joking one dun take it to heart.U treat ur friends well too.For example, me?the frog?and also the help in the tagboard previously.I m not blind!I saw everything and just keep my thx in the heart!I am not good at expressing my feelings.You are really a good friend to me!The best friend in class?I will always rmb the thing u wear around ur neck during orientation which i tink, you are so high class sia!which is not!hahax.kidding.Its really short for us to be in the same class for just only 4 months!which i am really sad over it.Friends for 4 months which is so happy..I envious you that u dare to show out how u feel!for example not happy with certain person.Because i did not dare to do so.I will also rmb this!Shake your laptop arhx!Mei ling thx you very much for everything.last but not least,dun forget to contact once seperate class hors?every morning still e same?if wan meet up oso can wad,in class?of u suggest vivo?


brother!In my post,i will always put his name as bro instead of skip!hahax, did my readers notice it?Ya, handsome and cool guy. and he gt a gf!congrats.Brother i support you!Happy always.Last long arhx!I get to noe him on the second day of school when he shout my name out in the middle of the lesson! n i mention that he look lyk my friend but long le,he totally look different.Actually he is a very talkative and funny person if those hu never really go noe him.He will always ask me this four question! You gay arhx?you angry arhx?y so emo? who bully u,i go beat the person!While actually my answer will always come out as NO!I play gay with him nia!I bet he know that too ya?I will always go ask him for money!no matter how much he owe me!And also Cab fare!always take cab sia!!!He will always ask me to treat him this n dat which i really dun mind lahs.Treating brother nid to be so calculative mehs?I m not that kind of person lahs.Ya,i am oso happy that he is willing to tell me wad happen when he is feeling really low on wednesday nite!Dun let ur future control u!Instead u control ur future!If you tried harder maybe a better result?and in the end i worry abt u sia till cant sleep!u owe me one!no lahs kidding.hahax.My arm always suffer sia!everytym tio beaten by him!wah piang pain siol!but nvm lahs!Actually everytym i disturb is only for fun!hope you know that too.N oso i dun get angry with brothers de!No worries.I will always rmb u as my brother!!!You too?so wad if we are seperating class?we still can meet up wad?vivo oso not far!hahax.i one bus oso can reach:)if u nid someone to tok to,i will be there ya?solve things together ya?next tym dota agn ya?BROTHERS FOREVER YA?


My god sis in the class!My friends always mistake her n me!but actually we are jus brother and sister ya?Thx to her,we gt so many class photo and individual photo.That day she ask me, whether i took the most photo now in my whole life!i lie to her that still ok lahs but the fact is yes!i jus dun wan to sae out nia!She is really an interesting person till so many guys woo her!when will be my turn?kidding lahs.in the past when the school jus started, i was afraid of her cause her expectation very high, but once tyms go by,i realise that actually she is a very understanding person hu always play around with u.Everytym she ask me to take photo with her,i will alwaysreject as i dun look good in pictures!but hu noes thx to her i found out that i look good at the left side!thx you..i oso happy that she share her stuff wib me:)no matter she feel low or happy!Guys out dere!!!!wanna noe her?she is a great person!Anyway dun forget me wors!!Of course, thx for taking care of me in class:)Thx to her that this is my 1st tym hugging and holding hand with a girl even though i hab a gf before.In the past i do not have the courage but now i hab…all thx to you

Wei lie

Another brother!Bro,actually lyk wad i sae u have a great personalities,character and oso looking.No lies sia!I notice him when he came late for orientation n leave early!He enter the class and sae”is this class w35J?”hahax.After that,i 1st tym team wib him, he is such an interesting person.Jay chou?Beyond?Gary Cao?hahax.N alot of celebrities are his friends!!!!He love to joke and always act lyk he wan to beat me up but actually not.He love kidding and also another dota player!ya, i enjoy talking to him and playing game with him.He look lyk ah beng but actually not.Believe it or not.he sae that he have one gf nia!same as me lahs!!!such a good person lyk him only have one?hahax.Thx for praising me that i m a good cook while i m not that good lahs…he told me this: lose your temper lose the game!Thx for this advise bro!i appreciate it!N oso thx for the frog, you n fish bought for me!I tink that is a surprise bahs?hahax..Girls out there?wanna noe this 99.9% good guy?i cannot sae 100% lahs, ltr i sae wrong how?hahax kidding..


jon!my brother here too.The 1st tym i notice him is during the 1st day of class,he was sleeping n listening to loud techno music!Hahax.after that is he tok to me because i was listening to cosmic love by nana mizuki!N we start discussing abt anime then follow on to dota!Oh ya!!DOTA PRO HERE!!!WCG GUY!!!Actually, he is a very great guy if he can manage his anger better!lyk wad liez sae:lose the temper = lose the game!so dun get angry so easily arhx?hahax.He is a very good person who always laugh!!!hahax n tell us some lame jokes!Wanton mee dun wan wanton!hahaxI learn quite alot of dota skills frm him too.Thx jon!That day when i feel lyk crying cos everyone is crying!1st him den skip!Den he sms me something which really make me feel better!Thx for standing up for me when i needed help!Jon i love you!!!hahax!!!love as in brothers love arhx!Dun tink negative arhx!He is e 1st guy that walk to mrt with me after school!I will rmb that too.Hahax.Jon dun forget me hors!!!N should i sae thx for calling me turd?lyk wad u sae,you will only call those hu are ur brothers ya?hahax.I really happy when i heard that!Jonathan!Next tym morning go school together oso?hahax

Wen ting

Hardworking person!Really can see that de!She strive hard for her O levels math and also her daily grade!She also love to plan thing sia!Especially plan when to pon lesson!hahax.Everytym,me and her n mei ling will tok abt our brothers or sisters!is lyk so funny lahs!!!hahax.Ya luo zhi xiang?ur idol ya?hope that u get u will get the things that you wan!Will you forget us?must contact hors?if not i go yishun popular cutomers service find u problem arhx!hahax..kidding..and also she can be an really talkative and interesting person if u really go interact with her!serious!!!i team wib her so many tyms n i knew it!Especially when come to idol topic!She will scold me if i mention abt Show!!!hahax
Hwei shyan

The most quiet girl in the class!Dun see her quiet hors!!!she can be very funny n interesting person hu wan ka jiao u !!!bro kena before right?abt the cropping the photo out?hahax..She is a girl hu noe fashion alot!!!She always look at clothes!U will never noe!When she enter boutique!she will start fitting on clothes!She love clothes alot ya?She gt a good fashion sense and also a pretty one:)When school starts, she wear colour contacts and also short hair!after that she went to extend her hair!which look beautiful but in the end she make her hair short agn…hahax..she bleach her hair every month!n i ask her!lyk that will destroy ur hair lehs,den u grow old no hair liao!she reply!scare wad,wear wig lahs!hahax.If u all did read her blog, some of her post is lyk so funny lahs!1st i saw is her maid destroy her favourite stuff den after that is e school rules den e coolest she gt follow by bro is a noob…hahax..On the 1st day i know her, we were playing viwawa den in the end she was caught by faci!sorry abt that!We are in the same school and both of us are in business category so should hab higher chances in getting in to the same class ya?hahax.dun forget us arhx!!!


This lady i noe her when i team with her for the 1st tym during cognitive!!N she wanted to throw her slippers on me!Oh my gosh!Because i overheard that she left her shirt at someone else hse!If i m not wrong!Ya, she is an out going person hu love trek alot!Can see frm her blog ya?vik,ian and afiq are her best buddies in class bahs as dey are frm the same IG:)She jus cant stop screamming over HOT guys!If you ever notice that!I also notice that she n bro are extremly close to each!lying on each other n oso drink each other water!I suspect dem!but in the end was jus a misunderstanding!So sad:( She will always ask me to buy these two stuff when i went for my lunch!Ice milo and also plain waffer frm W1!Hahax,ya i wont complain lahs:)complain for wad?Actually she is really a talkative girl if anyone really go interact with her!She can tok for the whole day without stopping!wanna bet?the very 1st day i settle down into her team!she started her stories!Soccer,hot guys blah blah blah!She never stop sia!Can sae she sociable?

Last but not least!!!

wah sian,i use finish one packet of tissue!!!STUPID TEARS!!!

i dun tink gt anyone see this post de bahs:(so sad

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